How to shop in Maisya

Choose and Shop

Log into your Maisya account, select the desired jewelry, and check the product details (make sure the size of the jewelry is appropriate). Then, add the product to your shopping cart. Select the shipping address you want or add another address if the product will be delivered to a different address.


Choose your payment method, then make payment as per instruction (for payment by Cash On Delivery method, Customer Agent Representative Maisya will contact you to confirm order before product is shipped).


You will receive an email containing confirmation of payment and invoice. You can also track order status through tracking order.


Items will be shipped with an estimated 7 - 14 business days. Notes : If you do not receive a payment confirmation or booking status unchanged after 12 hours since you made payment, please upload your payment receipt in your account or contact our Customer Agent Representative at 0811-9994-814 or send us a transfer receipt to with the booking number and complete contact information.

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